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Flexible, Improved and Accelerated Solutions
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Our Services

Export, Import
& Domestic

BEE Logistics offer a full range of excellent air and sea solutions through partnership with leading carriers


Perishable Cargo, needs to be handled according to specific requirements, and with the highest care.

& Delivery

BEE Logistics operated vehicles include : CDE, CDD, FUSO, Wing Box, Tronton and Container Trailer

& Distribution

BEE Logistics provide 1000 m2 warehouse located at International Airports and Seaports in Major Cities.

Take Control
Your Logistics Service

The constant development in the 21st century global economy has been demanding a higher standard of efficient and effective logistics for all supply chain management business.

In order to keep up with all the global challenges, BEE Logistics developing the best logistics solution and warehouse inventory management with the state-of-the-art technologies, to be able to deliver international standard quality logistics services in Indonesia. We design transportation models, assist with the freight budget and develop cost-effective supply chain models that leverage complex consolidation opportunities.

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Our vision is to be a One Stop Logistics Provider and Active to Support Global Trading activities in every corner of the world.  To be known as a Good willing Logistics Provider Partner and always Create Added Value for our customers.

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