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About Us

PT. Bee Logistics Transworld is an International Freight forwarding Company in Indonesia. It has formed in the year 2009 with a dedicated team of professionals having wide experience in the field of freight forwarding.

We are a professional Freight Forwarding Company who has been giving all type of logistics support successfully and to the full satisfaction of its valued clients. We always look to provide excellent, quality service with proposed functionality to match client concept. Our qualified and experienced team of professionals is committed to helping you to build your business in the future.

Our air and ocean freight forwarding enables customers to receive shipments expeditiously and affordably: door-to-door, airport-to airport, or sea port-to-sea port. We use the most expeditious and cost effective solutions to deliver your shipments.

The constant development in the 21st century global economy has been demanding a higher standard of efficient and effective logistics for all supply chain management business. In order to keep up with all the global challenges, Bee-Logistics Transworld developing the best warehouse and inventory management with state-of-the-art technologies, to be able to deliver international standard quality logistics services in Indonesia.

Our Mission


To Perform the Highest Quality of Services, Reliable and Trustworthy


To Provide Ideas and Solutions for all Customers Requirements


To Create High Value of Human Life Through Logistics Industry

Our Fleet Gallery

To be a One Stop Logistics Provider and Active to Support Global Trading Activities in Every Corner of The World

To be known as a good willing Logistics Provider Partner and always Create Added Value for Our Customers.

Safety First

Safety is at our core. At Bee Logistics Transworld, we take active care of ourselves and our team mates with work safety standards that are unconditional. Our employees acknowledge that safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Keeping our teams safe at all times is paramount to the foundations on which Bee Logistics Transworld is built. We expect our employees to feel safe at work and our commitment to this is reflected at every level of the organization.  Without compromise, safety takes priority.  We strongly encourage a shared vision of incident and injury free projects with our partners. Every single person is actively encouraged to identify and mitigate risks. Above all else, they are encouraged to “Work Safe, Home Safe“.

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